Seth’s Blog – Get what you want without compromise

Seth Godin is one of a kind. I have a link to his blog in my ‘A Few Gems‘ page above under #shareWithLovedOnes hashtag.

It is the ONE newsletter I would subscribe to if I had to pick only one. He inspires and teaches by telling important truths.

If you subscribe and conclude his material is of little to no value I will buy you dinner.

“Get what you want without compromise”

That’s the call of our times.
Run a marathon without getting tired.
Lose weight without dieting.
Get ahead without working hard.
Earn big money without risk…
When you expose it this clearly, it’s obviously nonsense. Compromise is precisely what’s called for.
You can’t have everything you want. But, if you care enough and trade enough and work hard enough, you might be able to get some things that matter.
The real question might not be, “what do you want,” it might be, “what do you care enough to compromise for?”


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