Internet and social media are lethal to your psychological well being and to your focus

What is the probability of at least 2 people in a group of (any) 23 sharing the same birthday?

Low? It’s around 50%. 
And in a group of 50? It’s > 96%.

It is (1 – probability of NO ONE sharing a birthday within the group, in ANY date of the year).

P(no one shares a birthday) = 364/365.

Once you pick a date within a year, say Jan 28th, the other person can’t share birthdates, so has to have a birthday on any of the 364 remaining dates.

Now pick a second date of the year no one can have a birthday on, until we pick any 50 dates of the 365.

ie, The number of comparisons we need to make to find out are:
– Does 1st person share birthday with any of the remaining 49? (49 comparisons…)
– Does 2nd person share birthday with any of the remaining 48? (plus 48 comparisons…)
– And so on… which translates to 50*(50-1)/2 = 1225 comparisons.

So P(at least 2 in 50 share birthday) = 100% – P(out of 50 people, no one shares birthday) = 100%-(364/365)*(364/365)*…*(364/365) [1225 comparisons] = 1-(364/365)^1225 = 96.53%.

Why am I bringing this up?

Despite you agreeing with me or not, envy drives you more than greed.
 Essentials have become widely available at a lower cost within a typical basket of what the average human being consumes. The average person in a developed country today lives more comfortably than a feudal king of the 1400s, but we still, in general, feel pretty, let’s say, far from exuberant.

We’re not here for the absolute level of satisfaction. We’re here for satisfaction compared to those surrounding us.

We crave for “something we don’t have”. Our nature. Especially if the neighbor has some of that.

Now take the internet and hyperlinks. What is the average number of opened tabs on your web browser?

What is the probability you surf the Web and find NOTHING interesting to read outside of what you were really looking for initially, when you turned the computer on?

It is likely that you try to keep your focus, but once you sit in front of your connected smartphone or desktop… time flies and you get little done.

Too much stuff that seems interesting and important for the accomplishment of your tasks.

With the internet our time to do what we say we want dies, because it is nearly impossible to not find ways to spend it.

 You open Instagram on your iPhone and scroll down the list of posts from those 347 accounts you follow.

What are the odds of, in a day, NONE show pictures of cute babies, happy people at the beach, successful entrepreneurs launching multi million dollar companies and people on vacation, sipping on wine in Italy or France?

Chance of none of 347 people not on vacation in a week is zero.


How can you appreciate your office cubicle or even the great wife you have when so much variety, joy, happiness and cool stuff is so visible to your eyes, everyday, on Instagram, but possibly not on your life, where there’s the usual work day, usual period of exhaustion and low motivation, same food at home, etc?

“What did I do wrong?”

With the internet, with what is best on the planet so easily visible to us, the probability of enjoying what we have and focusing only on what we need drops to nearly zero.

So, be aware of that.

Social Media makes you compare your life to hundreds of other people’s best moments – as none share how much they owe the bank or how much they hate their jobs – and the Internet offers you endless opportunities to not focus on what you said you wanted to do.

Turn most of it off for some peace and focus to move forward proactively.

Suggestion of fantastic app you can install on your Desktop and Phones: Freedom

* Essentials have become cheaper over the centuries, with food, construction costs, electricity generation costs, clean water costs, all lower in relative terms. We just don’t consider these as too important relative to what others do and have. But we used to, especially after periods of hardships.


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