My life philosophy

“It’s all about respecting yourself, about being bold without ever doing harm to others or giving up.” Raf Abreu

It’s about freedom.

Avoiding boring people. Avoiding them and avoiding becoming one.

Stay authentic. Have deep curiosity.

It means knowing your principles, so you can face hand-picked challenges knowing decisively what you don’t want.

It’s either “Hell, yeah!” or a simple “No, thanks”.

Become better today than you were yesterday.

Have no fear. Worst that can happen is dying, which you won’t be around to notice when you do die. Failing really is “not trying”.

It means doing your best so you can live without regrets. An inner scorecard!

Be free from pressure to become a canned-human-being. Why want what everyone wants because of social pressure or unquestioned social standards?

You can’t quit the quest for mental freedom, but respect others for we are made (biochemically!) different.

Work for the greater good and understand that through adding value to others it comes back to you. Likely with a lag.

Without action there has been no decision.

It starts with why. Why do you do what you do?

It is about character which enables freedom.

I’ll gladly hear your answer and might buy you coffee if the answer seems genuine.

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