Köli’s gift to an intern-turned-full-time-employee: Surprise!

(Wanted to post on Friday 13th, but had internet issues)

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I love fridays because markets are closed for the following 48hrs. I love markets, absolutely, but I surely don’t love the anxiety and the psychological pushback of daily girations in 24-hour macro markets. I wouldn’t mind if the markets were opened for 15 minutes per week and we could only trade in this shortened time window, so weekends have value! Much less cortisol!

Anyway, today is a very special friday.

Today I came into the office to meet my intern! The first one Köli Capital ever had, who started with us on Oct 22nd 2018, recommended by a (socialist!) friend who worked with me in the first job I had in markets some 15 years ago. The boy worked for her as an intern at BNDES and wanted to change career direction and she advised him that “Rafael is the only guy in the financial market that I trust and if you want to work in finance, try him first!”.

Two weeks ago he got his degree in Economics from UFF, a local university, finishing the first part of his professional career. Now with his college diploma, the first in his family, he’ll be hired full-time by our firm as an analyst, aspiring to be come an equity research guy, a stock picker we so much need.

I wanted to reward his excellent 1st year with us and, despite money being valuable and flexible, experiences leave memories and possibly change people forever!

Right now he is in a plane flying from Rio to Buenos Aires, on his own, with a credit card and paid accomodation in a youth hostel and the obligation to have a blast and bring back to the office good stories and, maybe, a changed mind!

The special detail?

It is his first trip abroad, second time in an airplane and he didn’t get to choose the destination or even know where he was going until 2 hours before he entered the plane. He only knew the average low and high temps of the day during this time of the year and trusted that here at Köli Capital we wanted his best.


I hope he enjoys the magic of discovering the world. His first step of many! And at Köli, well, we can’t have a macro fund with people that don’t know how things work out there!

I hope it is the first of many ‘crazy graduating gifts’ that we reward our keen over coming many years in business.

Life is short. Reward as you’d like to be rewarded.

PS: Special thanks to my partners who agreed on my crazy idea of sending someone abroad without them knowing about it until the very last minute! 😀


Feel free to get in touch. I will surely answer you when I find some time. A brief introduction would be welcomed.