Brazilian Supreme Court Ruling x What I buy for Christmas

We cannot ignore brazilian Supreme Court’s ruling that might free people already convicted of a crime by 2 stances of the brazilian justice system at least until all appealing courts have been tapped. It of course has important long-term consequences for high-level graft, etc, vital to adequate rule of law, fair competition and proper spending of public resources.

When those with $ to pay lawyers rarely go to jail, we know how it all ends. It’s been like that for decades here. The bloodsuckers will suck when kept alive.

But… (Ibov opens -1.3%, USDBRL up almost 1%) I don’t know how that ruling impacts my christmas shopping for the next 3 years, CPI or most company’s investment and hiring plans.

Signal x Noise.

PS: Biggest risk is 2022’s election of a new corrupt politician and with Lula out of jail to launch a Leftist candidate from PT it is a risk, yes, but that’s in 3 years.


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