Actions x Words

Years ago I was having lunch with my oldest brother and we’re having this conversation about what we would like to do, what we wanted out of life, etc.

I said I was going to start surfing. He paused and said: “You will never going to surf!”

I was offended, you know?

Then he put it succinctly: “You’ve always lived in Rio, where beaches are everywhere. Now you live 2 blocks from the beach. You have a surfboard at home. And yet, you haven’t even taken the board out once in over 2 years you live here”.

So, yes. So far, he has been right and this has been 7 years.

Summary: it’s very easy to find out what people really want. It’s what they do that they want. And it’s usually “not so much”.

There are few victims. Mostly volunteers.


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