A few gems

The idea is to introduce you to material I found valuable and don’t think I could write as clearly.

Please understand that I want to push you towards what you want, no matter what it is you want.

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Zero Management Fees: Köli Capital was created to help people improve their financial life. My goal is, 20 years from now, to be invited by clients for dinner so we can enjoy our financial independence and camaraderie. Not to make me rich despite the fate of the firms’s clients.

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Chris Douridas: Embrace Possibilities: Don’t talk yourself out of dreams. Let the world tell you if you can or can’t achieve what you have in mind – and work hard to get it 😉

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Alex Gurevich – The Next Perfect Trade: A Magic Sword of Necessity: Alex’s book explains my Global Macro investing framework better than I ever could.

Stephen Duneier – AlphaBrain: How a Group of Iconoclasts Are Using Cognitive Science to Advance the Business of Alpha Generation: Stephen, with the help of Jake Vincent, dives into the ocean of adequate decision making, with a focus in trading, decision trees, position sizing, etc. It is brilliant for Traders, Investors, CIOs.

George Soros – Alchemy of Finance: One of the most important books on investing with the most important, for its simplicity and objectiviness, diagram in global macro investing I have ever found (“Imperial Circle”).

Ray Dalio – How the Economic Machine Works: a 30-minute video that will teach you, in a very simple way, how the economy works. I love it!

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Derek Sivers – Tilting my mirror (motivation is delicate)

Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk – Instagram feed: An entrepreneur that I believe speaks the necessary hard truths that move the people who really want to take it to the next level

Ray Dalio – Principles: Put bluntly, Ray’s Principles should make you come clean about what you want and what you say you want, providing a framework for you to live by your Principles. It’s fantastic.

Simon Sinek – It Starts with Why: if you don’t know why you are doing something how will you convince people to follow you?

Tristan Harris – How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist: I admit having self-control over smartphone, e-mail, social media usage is hard for me. I try to choose what I do with my time, but new tech is often a huge blackhole of time I’d much prefer to spend with Mari, my family, my business, etc. So this reading is an eye opener to most who don’t believe there’s something behind new technologies in ‘Attention-Theft Era’.

Mr. Money Mustache – The man who retired before age 30: priorities and the cost of not having them. Why you should ask yourself what you REALLY want and why you want what you want. Working is good when you don’t need the money for example.


Scott Adams – The Day You Became a Better Writer : Too powerful. Best very-short-thing you will find on writing

Tim Ferriss interviews Paulo Coelho: “Trust your reader”

Larry W. Phillips – Ernest Hemingway on Writing

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Seth Godin’s Blog: If you trust me, subscribe to this e-mail newsletter. Daily drops of broad wisdom. I absolutely love his work and this blog is somewhat inspired in his (I bought 5 copies of a 7kg-USD300-a-piece beautiful book for my business partners and loved ones).

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Tim Ferriss – Why you should define your fears instead of your goals: I’m a big fan of Tim and this video is very important for periods when we feel paralyzed in a situation we seem not to be able to get out of.


Robert Burton, MD – On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right Even When You’re Not: Life-changing book on research the suggests that we are much more a result of our DNA, our biology, than we think. This book helped me understand (accept) how different people are from each other. Makes life easier, lighter.


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