An Experiment

Life is a BIG one.

Why not try opening a new door?

I use this blog to communicate things I believe make life more exciting, more balanced. And investments.

Me in a few minutes (the fun stories when we meet)

Through life I have been a good student, lead singer in a local punkrock band and arrived in countries without any idea of where to go next after passing through immigration.

Sang in a gospel choir despite no religious preference.

Never understood “social standards” well. But I admit that with more age the ratio of “Why?”s to “Why not?”s have increased. And I don’t think I am proud of the shift.

Since 2003 I work in finance, mostly managing financial investments. A profession that keeps my ego in check and teaches me that incentives are in the driver’s seat at all times.

Over the initial part of my career I had a hard time explaining to my bosses the way I saw things, so I eventually started Köli Capital. And saw that I needed to communicate better too.

I got into finance by chance*. My dad owned stocks throughout the 1980s-2000s and my mother always told me to be a saver, but I really went into the sector because someone nudged me**. I stayed because I understood its meritocracy, higher odds of financial independence (“F**k you money” theory) and because I had always been interested in exploring the world***.

Another reason for continued interest in Investing is that it is a key pillar of anyone’s basic well-being and I’d like to try helping people in this regard.

Due to my experience in markets (you learn a lot when you lose your shirt), I became “fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, business, philosophy, and culture. I love finding a different point of view.” (from Derek Sivers‘s page).

Rio native. Spent a year in Ohio and another in California during high school and college. Was in São Paulo to work for others, but now back in Niterói to have a go at freedom.

Anti-drama, understanding, just recently, that humans are animals of emotion and not animals of logic. And that is actually a good thing once you accept the fact (which takes an entire life).

I only get offended by the truth. About me. When negative. Because it hurts. But I love it because it is the only way to improve.

A big believer that, if you want to live in Brazil for the rest of your life, ex-ante in 2017, there are few better trades than buying-and-holding-and-re-investing-coupons of long-term inflation linkers. But keep some liquidity at hand. The ride will not be smooth. And when prices change I change my mind – and so should you.

I get a kick out of showing hard-working brazilians they could retire earlier than expected with just a little financial planning. I know of no larger legal transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich than Brazil’s.

The amount of freedom that good habits bring can change a person’s life and that is the change I want to be proud of trying to make on you.

Lots of free time + some $ > no time + $$$$$$$$.

Making more money than my clients is not part of my plan.

Trade expectation for appreciation. Every day.

Desire to become a better person today than you were yesterday.

Skin in the game + Inner scorecard.

* I failed an Algebra II test, freaked out and changed my college major from Computer Engineering to Industrial Engineering.

** I wanted to work with programming, but a college friend asked if I wanted to interview for an internship at the hedge fund she worked at. The interviewee likely hired me because I had gone through the academic exchange program he did at UCSB (more partying, less studying).

*** My mother worked for TAP Air Portugal for 37 years and that meant free planet tickets that took me to 20+ countries at an early age on tight budgets.


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